I’m currently the Director, EVP & Employer Brand Practice and Chief Creative Officer at Bayard. I  founded our EB area in 2004, bringing an insights and data-hungry approach to understanding both candidate and employer journey in building strong brands.


I’ve built and activated well over 200 employer brand programs  across a diverse range of markets, industries and EB goals. Passionate about EB is an understatement. I think of it as a healthy obsession to innovate and see people find careers they love while helping clients find great people they love right back.

About my work


From my earliest days in the field, I thought something was missing in EVP development — that it was too focused on the expressions of value and not the experience of value. Working strategically and creatively presented unique insights into both candidate and employer sides of the Talent equation.


If Employer Brand was a tennis match between a candidate and employer, I would be the net. I knew there had to be a more meaningful exchange of informational and inspirational stories. I developed EVX to bridge the gap between employer and candidate needs. I now have a system to unite the complexity of what an individual candidate looks for, and is engaged by, with what employers need in a forward thinking strategy around talent and all the things associated with it.


EVX builds from the experiences of value, not the messaging of characteristics. EVX is not even an offer. We can't offer integrity or purpose. Those are experiences. In activation EVX acts like a career coach, or narrator, helping candidates and employers alike experience real value from their exchanges and interactions.

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